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Arcade Builder Arcade Builder

Rated 4 / 5 stars

This is a really fun game. I do enjoy it. There's plenty to do, plenty of things to upgrade. Somethings i noticed though were the controls. I couldn't rotate any of the machines. I've tried rotating them with the "R" key when trying to place them and when they were already placed. The ability to rotate them after being placed/moving them around in general would be awesome. If you can't make ends meet and pay an electricity bill it would be nice to select things and sell them. Even just to move them around for more space. Maybe its just me with rotating objects but it makes it really tough to make the place organized because I only have certain options. The camera controls did not work for me either. I had to use either the arrow keys (which moves the whole browser as well), or try to get it to move with the mouse cursor which was a little finicky. I'm glad that was implemented though. Starting out was a little rough because I didn't know workers count as part of the arcades occupancy. Adding another machine, lo and behold there were customers! When the change machine is clicked there is no exit button for the dialogue box. Some machines like pacboy say that the electricity is off but it's still operational and making money. It's all good with me because it's making me money and I don't have to pay a dime, but it is not very good for play-ability. I love the tasks. It gives players something to work towards. It's not just a mindless game that never ends. All in all it's a pretty good game. There are just minor tweaks that need to be done. I've played waaaay worse betas so it's doing great. Keep it up!

Swordplay Swordplay

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

This really needs AI. Even though it doesn't it is still a really fun game!

One Room Farmer One Room Farmer

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

It's fun up to a point. I'm not really sure where I keep losing money at. I'm planting the same plants on the same plots and doing it fairly methodically, and I keep losing the money. I know that real farmers need to cycle their crops for different seasons and to keep the soil fertile. Is that what's really going on? Do I need to cycle the crops in order to keep things fresh and keep profits up? I just noticed now how certain things work positively with others, and everything works negatively with themselves. Wow, this can get complicated. Good game, I would like to see more from you!

tl;dr Good but complicated game. 4.5/5

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xuxubadabooom responds:

Thanks! =)
The thing is, that one vegetable influence to neighbours, so yo better not to plant onion next to anything.
I think, we will make clear description in next fixes =)

WildFlow WildFlow

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Its a pretty fun game. I tiny bit repetitive. The sharks and the lightning both continue on after a short while when you hit about day 3. Here's an example, day 4 after the lightning bit, the plane came up. It started to do its thing and shoot at me. The storm clouds were gone and the lightning was still shooting at me. It was about half way in the part with the plane. Same goes for the sharks inside the storm bit. Not a real game breaking issue, but it might need attention. Or maybe that was supposed to be like that. In that case disregard my last statement. Music was spot on for this. Controls were pretty responsive and fun to use. The font is very interesting, and I think went very well with this. If I see this game in the future I don't think I would hesitate to play it again. Great game, and keep up the great work!

Peps1992 responds:

Thank you for your comments; I'm glad that you enjoyed playing the game. The game wasn't intended to make each phase of the day overlap so I might have to look into it (I must've inputted some incorrect numbers).

Bounty Hunt Bounty Hunt

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Your ideas are fresh and I really enjoyed this game. Albeit being on the shorter side. Only thing that killed this was the controls. You really have to make your movements deliberate. Not much fluidity. It's not unplayable though. I'm not going to dock you for the Fallout boy MIDI. I'm just saying you might need some better music. There is a very, very diverse arrangement of music in the music section. Most artists would love to have their music featured in a game. It can work two ways. Their music is seen on here and people playing can click on the artist and check their music out. Or they listen to a track and see your game on the list of related content and might click your game to play. Good times will follow. Just make sure to annotate who's music you put in your game. Other than that it's really fun and I would love to see more from you or possibly a Bounty Hunt 2! Keep up the good work!

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Michael-Stout responds:

I intended to give the artists credit for their music, however I forgot. I'll fix it right away. Thank you.

SuperSheriff SuperSheriff

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

I really think this has potential. With that being said this needs quite a bit of work. Find an artist who you can collaborate with that can help you out. Try and find someone who wants to get their name out there. I really didn't mind the art though. It has a certain charm to it. I love the intro screen. The flashing "PRESS ENTER TO PLAY" is awesome. That and the font of the whole screen remind me of an old Nintendo or arcade game. I also see that the final level took some influence from space invaders. <spoiler>The boss is bigfoot? I kinda see a hint of bigfoot. Not a big deal just funny is all. </spoiler> Gameplay isn't bad. It's a shoot and hope for the best type of thing. There really isn't too much of a strategy to it. Maybe a little in the boss levels. The thirty something lives in the second level I thought was overkill. Then I played it. Turns out you really do need thirty something lives. Good game overall. Like I said before it has a lot of potential. I would love to see some more games from you in the near future. Keep it up!

theokayman responds:

Thanks mate! I have a passion making games so there will be more games in the future. I should of chosen a different music for different levels but otherwise I am proud of my work and will make more.

Google Icon The Video Game 2 Google Icon The Video Game 2

Rated 1 / 5 stars

I'll give you 1 star for the effort. This IS a game but not much of one. The only thing I had to do the entire time is hit the right arrow. Graphically it's lacking, it's just some squares. Music isn't that bad. Bottom line is the game isn't finished.

Arisen [beta] Arisen [beta]

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Pretty fun! my biggest gripe why I'm not a huge fan is that when I hit the W key sometimes it sticks and rams a wall. Huge, Huge let down when I get in a groove and the character just rams into the next ceiling. Every ten it resets which is alright. The big thing with tat is that when I hit my tenth ceiling it didn't reset and I hit an invisible ceiling. If the stuck W key weren't a thing I would really enjoy this.

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AndrewSP responds:

I fixed this bug
check it out !
thanks for the review .

The New King The New King

Rated 4 / 5 stars

This is really not bad. This might need some unique enemies, upgraded walls and towers. The ability to buy more miners, upgrade the castle walls. As of right now the game is a bit easy. I tried the recommended wall, tower, wall, tower, etc. build. The enemies in the later stage just ripped though the walls like nothing. Knowing they don't harm the towers whatsoever, I used all towers. They shoot fast enough to kill the enemies to problem. Putting in new enemies, and upgrades makes for a longer lasting game. Keep up the good work though, it's honestly impressive.

therealgamingturtle responds:

thanks for the possitive feedback and dont worry i have to leave now but il come back later and then i will make an update so the update will be out later today.

Flappy zombie go Flappy zombie go

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Ahhh finally something with the classic brain eating zombie. Too bad it was for a crappy flappy bird clone. These games might have been fun for a little bit but its being stretched out a bit too far. At least it's playable though. The graves weren't too close or too far away. Thing is, It's kind of fun though. It's because of the atmosphere of the game. I've never seen a flappy bird game look as aesthetically pleasing. There's lightning and thunder in the background, barriers are classic gravestones, the zombies all have opening mouths and looks, also the parallaxing is great. Only problem I have with the art is that the background seems to be a different type of art than the foreground. Try some dithering on the background too. Foreground reminds me of some 16bit stuff, but the back reminds me of backgrounds of some shows from the 60's-70's. Music is great it fits the game pretty well. Sounds are great as well, love the way the guy sighs when you hit a grave. With all that said if I had to play a flappy bird clone I would have to play this one if not the original. If you were to make another game with the same art as this it would be awesome.